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ADSA Study Visits

ADSA Study Visits

The ADSA Project (Atlantic Digital Startups Academy), contemplated the implementation of a programme addressed to Business Support Organizations, included in the Work Package 6 “Capacity Building for Business Support Organizations to support Digital Startups”.

Within this Work Package, some really interesting and inspiring Study Visits have been organised for Business Support Organizations and startups throughout the project life time, two of them were presential and the last one, due to the travel restrictions provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic, was organised virtually, but taking advantage of the situation, a very complete programme was delivered, with best practices from different regions and countries.

The locations and programmes for the Study Visits ahve been designed taking into consideration the Case Studies identified within the project.

During the study visits ADSA partners have been able to participate in workhops organised in order to increase their capacity and knowledge about methodologies and practices identified and Digital Startups have had the opportunity to exchange with other local Startups and discover new markets.


  • Study Visit 1: Coimbra and Porto (Portugal)

The 1st Study Visit took place on the 23rd and 24th of May 2019 in Portugal and it was organised in Coimbra around the “RYME+ Project” Case Study and Porto, around the“Restartup Project” Case Studies.

This Study Visit was organised along side with the ADSA Demo Day that took in Porto at the same time.

These projects detailed in the case studies mentioned above had been developed by IPN the first one and University of Porto the second one.

A full report of this Study Visit and additional documents can be found here below:

  1. Study Visit Report  (Download)
  2. ANNEX 1: PPT Presentations:
    1. Presentation of IPN
    2. RYME+ Project
    3. Restartup Project
  • Study Visit 2: Seville (Spain)

The 2nd Study Visit took place in Seville on the 3-4 december 2019.

On this ocassion, the 2nd Study Visit was organised in Seville, around the “CESEAND Scale Up” Case Study, a Project developed by The Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce and the Enterprise Europe Network.

A full report of this Study Visit and additional documents can be found here below:

  1. Study Visit Report  (Download)
  2. ANNEX 1: PPT Presentations:
    2. Accelerator – EIT Digital
    3. Corporate Venturing and Best practices supporting start-ups and scale-ups
    4. The New Era of Scaleup Entrepreneurship
  • Study Visit 3: Virtual

The 3rd Study Visit  took place virtually on the 24th of March 2021.

On this ocassion, the 3rd Study Visit was organised virtually due to the travel restrinctions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to provide a complete and attractive Study Visit, the partners agreed to include in the programme a combination of practices and experiences, from different locations and countries, which could not be feasible to deliver, if organised presentially.

  1. Study Visit Report  (Download)
  2. ANNEX 1: PPT Presentations:
    1. 01_Welcome Presentation
    2. 02_ADSA_Study Visit_March 2021_v1_2203201 RCA
    3. 03_210324_ADSA-Minerva
    4. 04_HoST_Mar_2021
    5. 05_ EBN ENRICH Projects 24 03 21_RSA
    6. 06_20210324 ADSA-EDIHs
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