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Welcome to the ADSA programme – start your internationalisation journey

/Welcome to the ADSA programme – start your internationalisation journey
Welcome to the ADSA programme – start your internationalisation journey 2018-11-05T10:37:22+00:00

Who is ADSA for?

“An expert driven vehicle for internationalising your digital enterprise.”

Atlantic Digital Startup Academy (ADSA) is an internationalisation programme for Cork digital entrepreneurs taking their first steps into European markets. This innovative 8-month programme has been designed for companies less than 5 years old with a product or service offer that is already in the market. Companies are likely to be beyond incubator stage and may already be working with customers or partners in the UK and USA.

Local Partner:LEO Cork City

E: Ivan McCutcheon
P: 086 8546717

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What your digital enterprise can expect from the ADSA programme

“As a unique gateway to new markets, the ADSA programme is centred on practical business support, peer engagement and proactive international partnership.”

The ADSA network brings together a wealth of experience, expertise and specialist knowledge in a strategic way to support companies to develop their proposition, market knowledge and sales systems to launch into new markets.

Companies joining the Academy will receive training and mentoring tailored to their needs and particular challenges – this starts with a thorough Business Health Check. The Academy companies will form a supportive peer group and can expect strong engagement from our local ecosystem partners. Through our international partner network in France, Spain, Portugal and Northern Ireland they will get overseas soft-landing supports, including mentoring, first contact point, introductions and desk space.

How the ADSA Programme works

“The ADSA programme is structured to match the specific development needs of digital enterprises targeting internationalisation as the next phase of growth.”

Working through a programme of eight progressive phases each Digital enterprise will learn how to better strategise for internationalisation and greatly increase exposure to international markets and partners.

From initial Kickstart & Health check, to mentoring and expert Master Classes, right through to delivering effective pitches at international industry events, companies will acquire the commercial tools necessary to successfully penetrate international markets.

The ASDA programme has been developed to not only deliver essential assistance but also to foster creative thinking and fresh ideas to help the business grow:

Ready to Apply?

The Cork Academy starts in November. We're open for applications

Tell us about your business

We need to know a little about your current business and your plans for going international

Expression of Interest
Nov 2018 Kickstart Workshop – in 1 day the Academy companies will get face time with experts and experienced entrepreneurs to examine their readiness for tackling new European markets. This workshop will focus on key areas including sales, market intelligence, finance, localisation, fulfillment, digital marketing and building teams. This self-examination will set your preparation agenda.
Business Health Check each participant completes a 1-1 assessment with a consultant to identify needs and opportunities. We will work continuously with the promoters to identify other supports within the local ecosystem and through the European partners.
Nov 2018- May 2019 Mentoring arising from the 1-1 analysis each company will be offered mentoring to develop and implement their road map for a successful launch.
Masterclasses at the Academy workshops companies get a depth of expertise in the key focus areas to fine tune elements of their approach and enable action.
Feb – Mar 2019 Bootcamp an intense 2-day programme in Cork with a team from the University of Porto for each company to bring it all together into a compelling pitch.

Demo Day in Porto – 90 digital enterprises from the partner regions assemble for 2 days in Porto to benefit from further masterclasses and competitive pitching.

Mar 2019 – Sept 2020 On the ground soft-landing supports and first contact from each partner for inbound digital enterprises which may include desk space, mentoring, networking and market access support.
Pitch videos create a promo video support your campaign with partners, customers or investors.
Apr 2019 – Sept 2020 Industry events go where the action is with support for attendance and B2B meetings at key events like Web Summit in Lisbon and Web2Day in Nantes.