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Opinion Survey on Digital Transformation of Andalusian Enterprises

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Opinion Survey on Digital Transformation of Andalusian Enterprises

The digital transformation, defined as the total and global social effect of the use of new information and communication technologies, is one of the major challenges facing the companies in the 21st century. We live in a changing society in continuous transformation and the projection, increasingly visible and innovative with regard to the digital and technological, is generating a new way of understanding the trade, business models, customers, markets, etc.

An opinion survey on digital transformation was conducted by the CEA (Confederation of Andalusian entrepreneurs) in 2018. This study aimed to address the situation of the Andalusian Enterprises in relation to different aspects of their digital transformation: digital culture, strategic importance of the digital transformation, main barriers, degree of implementation in the enterprises, among others.

Among the conclusions of the study, it can be said that the main barriers of the Digital Transformation process were related to “human” issues and not technological ones, as it could be the lack of knowledge of the advantages and implications of the process, the lack of visibility of the management or the fear to change. The cost was a factor understood as a barrier for small and medium-sized enterprises but not for large companies. This barrier of the lack of knowledge was reflected in the very same results of the survey, in which we could see a high percentage of affirmative answers in the questions about the degree of implementation of Internet of Things. The reason was probably because of the lack of knowledge about the topic of the question.

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