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U.Porto Innovation’s purpose is to support the University’s value chain by fostering the transfer of knowledge and reinforcing the bond between University and businesses. U.Porto Innovation is the University of Porto’s Technology and Innovation Office.

Contact us:

Nuno Terra
+351 220 408 272 / nmterra@reit.up.pt
UPTEC Asprela I – Sala 2.30, Rua Alfredo Allen,
455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal
More about U.Porto Innovation   

U.Porto Innovation is a partner of the ADSA project committed to enhance their spin-offs and Porto’s digital startups to go abroad and grow their business. We’re also enabling startups from the Atlantic Region to understand more about Porto’s ecosystem and bring their business to our region.

We are offering the following support:

  1.  Local mentor support through experts across different fields;
  2.  Contact point with industry experts (for foreign startups)
  3. Local market information and research (for foreign startups)
  4.  Workshops on key areas to grow your business (for local startups);
  5.  Helping our startups participate in trade shows and conferences abroad (for local startups);
  6.  Business Health Checks and participation in the ADSA boot camp (for local startups);
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Porto is one of Europe’s top tech and startup ecosystems, join us!

This is due to:

  •  A low-risk environment for businesses;
  •  Bustling tech and startup scene;
  •  Capable and supportive public administration;
  •  A growing population of digital nomads, creative professionals and a highly qualified workforce (with a lower cost of labor)
  •  Great quality of life and a low cost of living;
Know more about Porto’s ecosystem…

Our Spin-offs @ ADSA

ADSA’s Mentor Network

João is Investment Director with a focus on Digital at Portugal Ventures, considered by CB Insights the most active venture capital team in Portugal. He has 20 years of accumulated venture capital investment experience, having managed and led the Finicia, Actec and Call for Entrepreneurship initiatives, intervening in more than 100 early stage investments.

Of its current investment portfolio are startups such as Aptoide, Bitsight, B-Parts, DefinedCrowd, Displax, Fever, GetSocial, JScrambler, Mapidea, Science4You and Zaask. Examples of recent exits: Shiftforward (acquired by Velocidi), Outsystems (acquired by North Bridge), Anubis Networks (acquired by Bitsight) and Gleam (acquired by Farfetch).

He is regularly invited as a trainer and lecturer in the areas of investment, strategy and marketing, collaborating with Porto Business School (Digital Business), IPAM (Global Marketing) and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Technology Commercialisation). He obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of University of Porto.

João Pereira

If you want to arrange a mentorship session with U.Porto’s ADSA Programme mentor, please reach out through:

e: cjsantos@reit.up.pt

t: +351 220 408 272